Microsoft Edge Browser “Switch Apps” warning

Microsoft Edge can sometimes be crazy. Ofcourse it doesn’t want you to use anyother browser and switching to a different one comes with many warning. Back to my note here on this post, I had this annoying popup everytime i try to launch the virtual desktop from Edge

Fix is simple, open the same URL in “Internet Explorer” and it’s going to prompt you to open the application, however this time you’ve an option to configure “not to prompt always” when redirecting/opening the application. Ensure you uncheck the check box.

Surprisingly both IE and MS EDGE refer to the same setting and you wouldn’t be prompted in MS EDGE aswell.

To replicate this to multiple computers, we can configure registry dword “WarnOnOpen” not to prompt everytime. Create a key “vmware-view” as shown on the above screenshot and configure the dword in the Key.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ProtocolExecute\vmware-view]

I’ve put a screenshot below for different Keys you could create based on the apps i’ve on my system, it may come handy for you

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