Geo-fencing BLE beacons – Enterprise asset tracking

Geofencing of BLE Beacons

The happy workplace is always the home of the productive workplace, filled with a lot of talent around. Millennials being part of this productive workplace are transitioning from process-centric interface to consumer centric self-service interfaces. One of the functional areas which is involved in this eco-system is IT support. 

At Thoughtworks, we realized that this transformation to self-service based economy for IT hardwares could be achieved by “Geo-fencing based indoor tracking”. From a technology perspective “BLE based IOT infrastructure”, covered by a creamy layer of “AI” forms the enterprise sustainable solution. In this talk , I will detail the “BLE based Indoor perimeter ecosystem” which helps us to track and maintain IT assets thus providing a 99% data accuracy and ~60-80% of manpower cost savings.

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