Behavior Driven Testing for Continuous Deployment

Behavior Driven Testing Using Cucumber

Overall in this speech, I will be detailing the key patterns to build a test assembly unit to support continuous deployment using agile testing process, specifications by examples, specification test automation pyramid etc. During this walk-thru, experience reports/examples will be shared appropriately.

a) Raw Materials – The highlight of this section will be the talk on approach towards creating whole specification bundle. Areas like team collaboration, stake-holders involvement, product development stages involved, context to the team etc,. will be covered.

b) Processing unit – We follow a filtering mechanism using which the raw material(specifications) gets filtered and consumed during the development process. The talk will be mainly concentrated on the consumption of specifications by different team members like stakeholders, DEVs, QAs and BAs. In this stage, the raw materials get consumed/processed with additional layer of automated tests. test automation pyramid will also be detailed.

c) Laboratory tests – This will be aimed at providing a glimpse of the key technique Dev-box testing also known as dev-check, Desk-check etc. This will be followed by an explanation on the best practices to implement this technique and consumption of the raw materials (specifications) in this stage. The topic will also cover the decision tree to move the processed product to different stages.

d) Integrated line – Exploratory testing and building safety net, will be implemented as part of this validation. I also wish to take you through the best practices followed.

e) Packaging and Delivery – The areas under this section will be test implementation, integration as part of CI and key benefits of following this approach. I will also try to explain the approach towards continuous deployment like weekly, monthly etc.