Citrix PVS + Hyper-V 2012R2 Leagcy to Synthetic NIC switch over

As most of you are aware to do PXE boot with Hyper-V we require to have a legacy NIC (or) have a Generation 2 VM created in Hyper-V which only supports Windows 2012 OS. However Citrix still do not support 2012 as a VDA.

When using Citrix PVS 6.x, it was really difficult to get this working (i.e streaming traffic switch over from Legacy to Synthetic NIC). One will have to use nvspbind.exe & little scripting to achieve this task.

Later in Citrix PVS 7.x, Citrix made this switch over function automatic and it was really simple. Each VDA must atlease have a Legacy & Synthetic NIC for streaming traffic. If data & streaming are segregated as per security policy, you may add additional Synthetic NIC for  data traffic.

In my recent engagement, we had issues with switch over from Legacy to Synthetic NIC. Target devices would get hung while Applying computer settings, Only way to get it up was to remove the synthetic NIC and boot it only with legacy NIC. However it wasn’t what we needed, because 100mbps NIC is always wasn’t enough for data traffic.

There wasn’t many articles in Citrix eDocs to do deep dive troubleshooting. Followed couple of citrix articles, however didn’t fix the issue – Pilot guide

Finally it boiled down to AntiVirus, would you believe it. Symantec Endpoint protection 12.1.5 was used and IPS module was loaded but disabled.

When we removed IPS module completely from SEP, NIC switchover worked without any issues.

IPS module was the culprit which was blocking the streaming traffic switchover.

Hope it helps!!