CWBLM0011 Error Message with Client Access Emulation – PC5250

I had been involved in a Virtual Desktop project where customer use IBM Client Access Emulation tools. When users launch & the application try to connect to server, they get an error “CWBLM0011”

Did some google & found an IBM link pointing to check the reg key permissions . However did not help, they also pointed it might because of an corrupt installation. Tried re-installation, but no luck. Didn’t get much of help from the application team either as the tool was working perfectly good in Desktops.

While doing deep-dive troubleshooting found out that IBM tool writes few data to “MyDocuments” folder, guess it’s the license and some config settings.  I had MyDocuments redirected to a ReadOnly folder and IBM application wasn’t able to write to it.

Once the restriction to “MyDocuments” folder was removed, users were able to open without any issues and I was able to see couple of folders and setting files (*.pid & *.tbl) getting created.

Fix above described is only applicable to setup where MyDocuments folder is redirected or any file extensions policies are set.

Hope it helps 🙂