Specifications for Enterprise Testing

The book of “Specification by Example” explains the key process patterns for agile requirements and testing. In this presentation, I have picked up the key patterns to suit the enterprise testing.

“Specification by Example” is a set of process patterns that helps teams build the right software product. With Specification by Example, teams write just enough documenta- tion to facilitate change effectively in short iterations or in flow-based development.

Implementing changes more efficiently—> Living documentation—a reliable source of information on system functionality—which enabled them to analyze the impact of potential changes and share knowledge effectively.

  • Higher product quality—They defined expectations clearly and made the validation process efficient.
  • Less rework—They collaborated better on specifications and ensured a shared understanding of the expectations by all team members.
  • Better alignment of the activities of different roles on a project—Improved collaboration led to a more regular flow of delivery.